A close family to orange fruit

For more than 60 years the Castelló Naya family has been dedicated to oranges crop, evolving and adapting to XXI century, which allows us to have an important position within this sector.


Modern facilities for a XXI century company

Modern technology helps us increase production and efficiency to keep up with the XXI century.


Our greatest resource:  human

We rely on a team of prepared and committed professionals, who are able to get the best performance from the available technology.


Quality certified by the main certification agencies

Our products meet all the required technical accreditation.



More than 60 years of tradition, taking care of citrus fruits.

Distribution centers

High technology in our distribution centers.

Our team

We trust on an extensive team of professionals.


We value our product through certifications.



Orange is not only a fruit, it is a passion that has been passed from generation to generation. Our secret: tradition mixed with new technologies application, market demands adaptation and strong compromise to our customers.

The Castelló Naya family


For more than 60 years the Castelló Naya family and oranges have been connected by taking advantage of opportunities offered by new technologies without forgetting the traditional methods of orange cultivation.   At present the third generation is taking the

company to its highest levels. Adapted to XXI century, we strive every day to satisfy our customers complying with our commitments.

Distribution centers

“La Safor” and “La Ribera” are two of the most important production areas in the Valencian Community, both are traditionally producing citrus for many years, and here is where we grow our produce as natural as possible, keeping all its flavours and properties.


In our facilities, with more than 14.000 m2, we process all kind of varieties of mandarin, clementine and satsuma.
Being located next to AP7 connects us with the rest of Europe.


Our second logistic center is located in Alzira, here we process oranges and kaki (persimmon), a product wich is becoming quite popular on the current market.

Our team

All the technology in the world can’t do anything without the people that work to ensure that the fruit arrives in perfect condition to your table. From the orange groves to the packaging in the warehouse, our employes inspect all the fruit thoroughly and use all their knowledge and experience to achieve the best fruit.


Quality rules that we have, certify production and process too.


The main objective of this international rule is to guarantee food safety, quality standards and legal obligations required by customers.


This rule, founded by an European supermarkets group, certify production and handling process. The aim is to offer our citrus fruit suppliers good agricultural standard practices, emphasizing questions like food security and traceability.


It’s an international rule, accepted around Europe, to control handling process, pesticide residue and food defense.


It’s a local rule from Valencian government concerning environment protection and fighting methods of pest and diseases.


We have an automatic traceability system covering complete process, from harvest to deliver products to our customers. All to provide fresh and safe products and, of course, on time.

Pest control

We control pest and diseases with less invasive methods that allows us to offer our customers good quality products.


In our company, where raw material depend directly on nature, respect for the environment is always of great importance for us. Nowadays, good agricultural practices are necessary for sustainable agriculture, wich is greatly appreciated.

Energy efficiency aid


In 2015 Fruxeresa implemented a plan to recover the heat from the air compressors.

This plan was carried out with the help of the IVACE (The valencian Institute of
Competitiveness Business) and within the energy saving and efficiency program in the Industry and co-financed with FEDER funds.

The aim of the plan is to recover some of the heat to reuse it in the drying tunnels with the result being a considerable amount of energy saved.


FRUXERESA; SL. Ha recibido una ayuda para la mejora de la tecnología en equipos y procesos industriales consistente en la sustitución de instalación frigorífica, mucho más eficiente, sostenible y respetuoso con el medioambiente.

“Proyecto acogido a las ayudas de IDAE e IVACE cofinanciado por la Unión Europea dentro del Programa Operativo FEDER 2014-2020”.

La instalación de frío sustituida en la central hortofrutícola de Fruxeresa (Xeresa) se trataba de cinco centrales con refrigerante R-404A (freón) en expansión directa con condensadores por aire, que cuenta con la presión de condensación fija.

La nueva instalación de frío se trata de una instalación centralizada de refrigeración con amoniaco (NH3) bombeado, dotada de equipos que mejoran la eficiencia energética en la planta. Entre ellas cabe destacar las siguientes:

  • Las instalaciones están constituidas por condensación y evaporación flotante en función de la temperatura ambiente. Esto presenta un potencial de mejora energética, reduciendo el impacto medioambiental e incrementando la eficiencia.
  • La instalación de variadores de frecuencia en los compresores, lo cual permite regular los equipos, un mayor ahorro y mejor calidad.
  • Los compresores han sido sustituidos por otros de mayor eficiencia, que cuentan con economizador Open Flash.
  • Los motores han sido sustituidos por otros de alta eficiencia, concretamente de clase IE3, que está categorizada como eficiencia premium. Estos nuevos motores van a permitir una alta reserva tanto térmica como de potencia.
  • Los sistemas de control han sido automatizados y centralizados.

Los ahorros en consumo eléctrico obtenidos para producción de frio ascienden aproximadamente al 30%, lo que supone una reducción anual de 319 tn de CO2 que dejan de emitirse a la atmosfera.

Social responsibility


Fruxeresa works continuously in socially responsible ways. This is visible in our collaboration with Sedex, a non‐profit organization dedicated to promoting improvements in business practices regarding ethics and responsibility of their supply chains around the world. We have also Grasp certificate, which evaluates social practices in the field, addressing specific issues concerning health, safety and welfare of workers.


We have also implemented safety and health plans at work, allowing us to control workplace accidents. We have an internal hazards prevention committee and an external prevention service. Both control the rules compliance in our business in this area.